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You may have a regular schedule to clean your home that you follow religiously. However, once in a while you need a deep house cleaning to reach those places that regular cleaning doesn't. In deep cleaning you clean top to bottom rather than room to room. This is where you are going to move furniture around, your cooker, fridge, any other immovable items and clean underneath, on top and in between. Deep cleaning is the most complete cleaning you can do in your house and needs to be well planned for. We at the Soap Opera are just the team you need to scrub all those nooks and crannies that you didn't even know existed.

If you still don’t understand what deep cleaning is all about, you can call us at 023 8008 1008 or email us at Or simply fill out the form on the site and we shall get back to you.

Deep House Cleaning Service in the Kitchen
  • Clean inside range hood, oven and, dishwasher.
  • Hands wipe door frames and walls
  • Clean and shine all appliances
  • Clean knickknack areas
  • Clean air vents and fans if any
  • Clean behind the fridge and oven
  • Clean and shine cabinets
  • Clean and dust window blinds
Deep Cleaning Service in Bathrooms
  • Clean air vents and fans if any
  • Sinks thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Pay Extra attention to showers and tubs
  • Sanitize wastebaskets
  • Dust and wipe down baseboard
  • Clean and shine cabinets
  • Extra attention to toilets
  • Clean and dust window blinds
Deep Cleaning Services in other Areas
  • Vacuum all carpets
  • Clean and shine cabinets
  • Clean and dust window blinds and ledges
  • Sanitize wastebaskets
  • Clean under furniture
  • Remove cobwebs

If you want to learn what more we can offer in our deep cleaning package, please call us on 023 8008 1008 to schedule an appointment.

Our deep cleaning services work very well with our End of Tenancy cleaning. If you are an leasing agent and wish to have your serviced apartments cleaned after the end of a tenancy, our services will suit you rather well. We even offer a discount to our regular deep cleaning and End of Tenancy cleaning clients.

Why Choose The Soap Opera for Your Domestic and Home Cleaning ?

We bring a fresh approach to domestic and home cleaning in Southampton.

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